Take a look below to learn about our plan to bring a fresh and unique perspective to the way we approach important policy matters. NJ-11 families deserve better and we're ready to deliver for our community.


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Republicans in Congress recently passed a slew of tax cuts for the ultra-rich and big corporations that will burden New Jersey’s middle class and working families with higher taxes. Adding insult to injury, they slashed the property tax deduction, which will mean homeowners will get hit even harder by New Jersey’s already sky-high property taxes.

I support reforming the tax code, but not like this. We must simplify the tax code and make it easier for workers and small business owners to pay their taxes. This must not come at the expense of those least fortunate, and certainly not to the exclusive benefit of large corporations. I’ll make sure millionaires and big corporations are paying their fair share so we can fund crucial priorities, not add $1.5 trillion to the deficit to fund a tax cut. The Republicans in Congress who vote for this tax-plan are sacrificing the middle class and creating extreme disparities in wealth that will impact economic mobility for generation to come. My advocacy for students, singles, families, and seniors requires me to stand firm against these Republican tax giveaways.


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Climate change knows no party affiliation, class, race, nor creed. Hurricanes don’t discriminate by zip code. They will destroy homes in New Jersey, as well as homes in Texas, or Puerto Rico. I have supported my parents through recovery from numerous Hurricanes in the Virgin Islands and have intimate knowledge of the devastation wrought by intensifying weather patterns. I have seen communities leveled and families displaced. We have correctly diagnosed the dangers; it’s time for our lawmakers to be proactive, and produce realistic solutions for climate change.

I believe that protecting our economy and protecting our environment are not mutually exclusive actions. All we need to do here in New Jersey, is look to the impact of Superstorm Sandy to see how disruptive climate change can be. We cannot have economic growth in a coastal state that hasn’t developed plans for how to address rising sea levels. You cannot have economic growth when factories, warehouses, refineries, hotels and major roadways are shut down to flood or wind damage. Planning for the resiliency of our state and our nation will actually spur, not slow, growth. Research and development of green technology can provide new jobs and tax revenues right here in New Jersey, and I will advocate in Washington for those sectors.

On a global level, the United States must restore its position of leadership in combatting climate change. We must rejoin the rest of the world in ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement or risk seceding our moral, diplomatic, and strategic positions to other countries who will take the lead. This administration and the Republicans at every level have greatly diminished our global standing. This trend will have lasting and irreversible effects if we do not make changes in this election cycle to stem this decline. 


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Early education creates a strong foundation for our children to succeed academically and in life. I support universal Pre-School to give more children across the country a fair opportunity to succeed. The GOP’s current budget plan would remove $2.4 billion in grants for teacher training and $1.2 billion in funding for summer and afterschool programs. In order for students to succeed from K - 12, we must support the teachers who prepare them for their future beyond the classroom.

I will work to support the economic viability of our college and vocational students. College graduates are saddled with too much debt. Choosing an education to improve economic mobility should not bankrupt a family nor a student. We need to give students more options to graduate without debt and relieve existing debt. Undergraduate and graduate students need options for work while in school, including programs such as Federal Work-Study program. I will work to make higher education more affordable and accessible in NJ11’s college rich district.


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I believe that healthcare is a right, and that New Jersey families deserve quality affordable health care, that should be never be used as a political bargaining chip. I believe in retaining the functioning parts of the Affordable Care Act, and fixing the parts that need improvement. I understand the difficult choices some individuals and families have to make to take care of a loved one, as I have been through my family's own healthcare journey. Access to affordable health care can mean the difference between keeping your home and homelessness. I will also fight against the President and Rodney Frelinghuysen’s plan to strip health care from 20 million Americans, and create an age tax that will cost older Americans thousands more per year for coverage.

As a social worker, I know how important it is that we end the stigmatization of our mentally ill and those with mental health challenges such as; depression, anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar diagnoses. I will fight for resources and education that supports the mentally ill, veterans with PTSD, and others with long-term trauma, so that they can cope and function in our society. I will also fight to ensure that the family members of the mentally ill have emotional and protective support. Additionally, we must create alternative paths to chronic pain management and tools to fight addiction, in order to address the opioid epidemic in New Jersey and in the country.


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We must remove illegal guns, and firearms that can kill dozens of people per minute, off the streets. I support universal background checks on all gun purchases and banning assault weapons. But we must also prohibit technology, like bump stocks, that increases a weapon’s rate of fire and destructive capabilities so substantially that it is indistinguishable from an assault weapon. The Second Amendment was never intended to give cover to these kinds of threats to public health and public safety. People must be safe to leave their homes, to send their children to school, and to attend service in their places of worship.

I will work to ensure that mentally ill individuals, who pose a physical threat to themselves and others, are prohibited from owning firearms. I will also fight to remove guns from the hands of domestic abusers. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, intimate partner violence accounts for 15% of all violent crimes, and the presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide by 500%. These tragedies are preventable. New Jersey’s own Frank Lautenberg was a leader on this issue, and we must strictly enforce the Lautenberg Amendment that protects domestic violence victims from gun violence at the hands of their abusers. But this is not enough, we must also close the “boyfriend loophole” that lets unmarried abusers slip through the cracks and keep their guns.


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I believe that a woman’s body is her sovereign space and she has a right to take care of herself and plan for her family. I am Pro Choice, but more importantly I am pro self-care and education for our teens as they begin to make life choices that can affect their physical and sexual health and their economic viability. I will work to ensure that women have access to healthcare that helps them secure a future.

I will fight to ensure that Planned Parenthood is fully funded and continues to provide life saving services to working class women and families. I will also stand up and ensure that all women receive equal pay for equal work and continue to have equal access to academic, business, and employment opportunities.


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Our immigration system is broken, and we need to fix it, replacing it with a safer and more accountable system that includes a path to citizenship for immigrants.

The immediate crisis we are facing is the 22,000 Dreamers in New Jersey at risk of deportation. Dreamers are our students, our neighbors and our friends. Not only is there a moral imperative to protect our Dreamers, but there is an economic one as well. Should we not find a solution? When Trump and the Republicans in Congress start deporting Dreamers, New Jersey will lose $1.6 billion dollars per year. This is not a hard choice: These children were brought here as infants or toddlers, and America is the only country they know. They should not be made to suffer or be ripped from their families and support structures due to choices beyond their control. These individuals contribute to our economy, seek higher education, work and pay taxes. We simply cannot afford to lose them as we compete globally.


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According to the US Census, a significant amount of the district’s working population uses our state’s infrastructure to commute to work. I will support continued investment in our roads, bridges, and tunnels, to ensure the safety of our citizens. The current climate in Congress is not one of collaboration, but conflict. We need new leaders who are able work in a bipartisan fashion in order to move vital projects such as the Portal Bridge Replacement Project forward, in order to ensure that commuters remain safe and business productivity is not severely impacted by our next major storm or natural disaster.